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Trinity Ranch, Okeechobee, Florida

Ariat International...

AriatFounded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, Ariat International was the first company to incorporate performance technology into equestrian footwear. Today, the company manufactures and markets innovative products to a retail network around the world from its headquarters in Union City, CA. Many of our riders love the fit, feel and quality that Ariat gives them. They would not ride in anything else but Ariat boots. With so many boots and casual shoes to choose from, it's good that there are seven days in a week!

For more information on Ariat and their products: (800) 899-8141 or visit them online at: www.ariat.com.


Bioniche Life Sciences Inc...

Bioniche Live SciencesBioniche, a leading Canadian biopharmaceutical company,develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary products for both human and animal health markets worldwide. Bioniche is developing a pipeline of anti-cancer therapies based on its proprietary mycobacterial cell wall technologies. The Company has 230 employees worldwide in four business units: Bioniche Pharma, Bioniche Therapeutics, Bioniche Animal Health, and Bioniche Food Safety. The company distributes product throughout North America by veterinarians only, therefore, anyone wanting the animal health products must obtain them through his or her veterinarian.

For more information on Bioniche and their products: visiting them online at www.BIONICHE.com.


Roofus Studios/Trauma Tek Technologies

ComforTechTrauma-Tek™ technology offers a unique combination of materials that add comfort and reduce blunt, vibrational and static trauma. We utilize a rate dependent polymer foam, Confor® which softens and conforms to your body when exposed to its warmth, allowing gentle, virtually pressure-free support.  Unlike common urethane or other memory foams, when Confor® foam takes a direct blow, its shock absorption characteristics enable it to help reduce impact energy by as much as 90%. 

Roofus Foam Pad Roofus Foam Pad

Seats must be comfortable, reduce fatigue and in some cases, help protect the occupant from injury.  For these reasons, Confor® foam has been used by NASA and airline carriers in many of their seats for passengers and crew.

For more information: http://www.roofusstudios.com/traumatekgraphs.html



CWD SellierAll CWD girths are cut around the horse’s elbow in order to assure comfort and freedom of movement. The belly guard girth’s shape allows the pressure to be perfectly spread on the rib cage; and its anatomic design balances the saddle on the horse’s back. The belly guard is made to avoid a wound for horses that touch behind the girth, especially during the ascending phase of a jump. This part is reinforced to eliminate any deformation. For the sake of close contact, a judicious cutting and shifting of the elastics were developed to bring the rider closer to his horse. Also, the thicknesses under the rider’s leg have been reduced by half, greatly improving the rider’s leg actions.

For more information on CWD and their products: www.cwdsellier.com.

Finish Line...

Finish Line Finish Line is a family owned and operated business that was founded over twenty-five years ago, yet their involvement in the horse industry goes back over 100 years. Many formulas have been passed down from generation to generation. Their focus is to manufacture the highest quality equine products at a fair price. Their entire product line is great for all horses, not just professional or performance horses. Products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, and Frankie chooses to use Finish Line products because they work. Contact their Trainers Advisory Board for all your equine related questions at info@finishlinehorse.com or call 1-800-762-4242.

To view their complete product line or find a dealer nearest you: www.finishlinehorse.com



VettecVettec manufactures hoof packing and hoof repair materials like Equi Pak, a soft instant pad material that promotes sole health; and Equi-Build, an instant pad material promoting heel, hoof wall and sole growth. Equi-Thane Hoof Repair materials will glue on shoes or repair structural or cosmetic defects. Vettec has been manufacturing products for the hoof care professional for the past 8 years. Our unique polyurethane products have become valuable tools in the trucks of Farriers and Veterinarians around the world.

Visit Vettec on line at www.vettec.com.


Syfrett Feed Company
3079 N.W. 8th St., Okeechobee, Florida 34972
863-763-5586 or 800-430-0117
"It's Performance That Counts!"

syfrett feed companySyfrett Feed Co. is well known for formulating feeds that work. The Syfrett family has privately owned the company for three generations. We understand and know what it takes to make the correct feed. We pride ourselves on our blend of today's hi-tech world with good old fashioned hard work. Visit our site and discover our product list to find a perfect blend for your needs.

"My horses and cattle maintain and/or gain weight easily with optimal nutritional balance." - Frankie Chesler

To view their complete product line or more information please go to: www.syfrettfeed.com



Lami-CellWidely popular in Europe, the Lami-Cell brand offers you a large line of English and Western products. Product production is highly controlled which gives you the highest quality products possible. Lami-Cell also has a wide variety of collections so your horse can have a complete matching wardrobe. www.partrade.net


Okeechobee FeedOkeechobee Feed
1579 Florida 70, Okeechobee, Florida 34972

Agriculture Supplies & Equipment, All Animal Services & Supplies, Always a Fine Selection of Products.

"They have served me well and in a pinch too."  - Frankie Chesler


Harbor Community Bank
205 N.W. Park St., Okeechobee, Florida 34972
863-357-6880 - www.harborcb.com

Harbor Community BankFounded over 50 years ago as First Bank of Indiantown, Florida with branches in Palm City, Okeechobee, Port St. Lucie and Lakeport, Florida, the bank became Harbor Community Bank in 2011 offering a diverse selection of personal, business and online banking as well as a learning center and of course FDIC.  Friendly service person to person. 

“Harbor Community Bank was there for me.” - Frankie Chesler


American Drilling Services, Inc.
405 S.W. 2nd Street, Okeechobee, Florida 34974

American Drilling ServicesWhether you have a private residence or are a commercial developer, American Drilling Services, Inc.,  can install sprinkler systems, drill wells, irrigate agriculture, drilling equipment/pumps, water softeners, purifiers, filtration, radon detection, water pumps and water supplies.  When you think of water, think American Drilling Services, Inc.

“When needing water services call who I called and will in the future.” - Frankie Chesler


Florida Farm Bureau Insurance - Craig Tim
401 N.W. 4th Street, Okeechobee, Florida 34972

Florida Farm BureauInsurance products from Property and Casualty, Life, Health, Identity Theft Resolution, Transportation Expenses Coverage Enhancements to Insurance Services including Agriculture, Information Resources, Food Products and Florida Bureau Bank.  Obtain current insurance news and information anytime online.

“With insurance more difficult than ever, let those who know keep you protected.” - Frankie Chesler


STAYONS - The Better Bandage Company

Stayons BandagesPrefilled STAYONS are Poultice, Leg, Feet, Knee or Hock wraps and can be applied to any part of the equine body where a poultice is deemed necessary.  Great for maintenance or acute care.  It is a simple, secure, quick, no mess, no tubbing, no pins poultice application placed where you want it and for as long as you want it until easily removed giving the owner peace of mind and reducing horse anxiety.  Simply soak in water and the premade gel quilted pocket wraps are ready to use.  The poultice wrap or boot are highly puncture and moisture resistant and will STAYON.

“I have personally tried all the applications and they truly perform as stated.  The ease in application of the feet and leg wraps was amazing and I am exceedingly happy with the comfort and result.” - Frankie Chesler


Sponsorship Opportunities...

Help to promote your quality horse products with a high profile, successful rideras the above companies have. Suitable products for both horse and rider will be tried and assessed; upon acceptance, they will be used and promoted by Trinity Ranch. For more information, interested individuals and companies are invited to contact us.