Client Testimonials                                                                                  

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Trinity Ranch, Okeechobee, Florida

"I have known Frankie for about two years now. She came to me from another world and I am very proud to call her my friend. Frankie is a world class successful, accomplished Show Jumper. My world is Ranch Sorting and Cutting. Unknown by most, Frankie’s accomplishments are far greater than can be imagined. Although different disciplines and clearly a different culture Frankie came into the Ranch Sorting and Cutting world wide open and has not stopped. Frankie has found her true niche in life, to be a Cowgirl. This has been her dream. I have owned and ridden horse since I was a very young boy. Growing up with cattle and horses I thought I knew most everything there was to know until I met Frankie. She is truly a rarity in the horse world. I have worked and competed with Frankie over the last few years and can confidently say that she is a true professional. First and foremost she puts safety and welfare of the horses before anything. Frankie is a soft handed “get into the mind of the horse” type of trainer. About 2 months ago I had an opportunity to attend a cow horse auction in Oklahoma with Frankie. I was looking for a new sorting horse. The 3 day auction staffed over 600 horses from all over the mid-west. Needless to say it was an overwhelming task to try and find a healthy and suited horse for my needs. Frankie and I looked at dozens and dozens of horse’s day in and day out. Frankie taught me things to watch for while the horses were in their stalls, staging area and in the show arena prior to auction. It was amazing that she could identify so many good qualities and many not so good qualities in so many horses. By the end of the auction I was able to buy two of the finest horses you could imagine at a reasonable price. One of the horses is well on her way to be what I believe an open level sorting horse! I couldn’t have done this without Frankie Chesler. Frankie is not just a trainer but a friend to all. Children love her gentle and compassionate approach. She is a confidence builder with unimaginable patients. So many of the folks that I compete with in Ranch Sorting are taking lessons from her and having their horse trainer by her. Frankie’s techniques and skills are proven on every horse she trains and every rider she coaches. I am blessed that Frankie Chesler has come into my life and I know I can speak for many others as well. Thank you Frankie for all that you do everyday for me."

Ed Parks - Loxahatchee, Florida

"Well, where do I start. I can't say enough about Frankie and the ability she has with horses as well as people. What I love about Frankie is that she teaches with positive reinforcement with horses and rider.

I have been taking sorting lessons with Frankie and the experience as been so positive for myself and my horse. Frankie never raises her voice and her patience is unbelievable. My experience with Frankie has proven to be very positive at home with my horse as well as in the sorting pens.I highly recommend Frankie if you are looking for a fun and positive outcome for you and your horse."

Tish Prine - Okeechobee, Fl

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the time you put into Dmac!   I wanted to work with a trainer who could not only train my horse, but also get  inside my horse’s mind and then teach me how to ride him.   You did just that,  I have had the opportunity to work with many trainers over the years, but never one who so quickly understood my horse and no only “trained him” but made  him want to do his job!  We have beengetting higher points since the time he  spent with you.  I am not about to change him anytime soon, but when I do start looking for a new horse, you can rest assured that you will be my first phone call ! Thanks again" 

Ally Epifanio & Dmac 

"I was having problems with my two horses when I came to Florida for the Winter.  I left each one of them with Frankie for one week and she pretty well solved the problems. She also gave me some very good sorting advice.  I think she is an excellant horse trainer and recommend her highly. "

George Payne - Fair Play, MO

"Thanks for all your help and advice with Hope! She is coming along very nicely and proving herself to be an awesome Ranch Sorting Horse. I am certain that ]your finishing touches really helped her along. When she came home from Trinity Ranch she was a changed horse, thank you for working your magic."


"Frankie has a gift... and it shines when you see her working with both her students and their horses. The ability to see the smallest areas of concern and relay how to correct them in an appropriate manner is rarely found in one individual, but Frankie has them both. She has a soft spoken, kind, and gentle way about her that makes everyone feel comfortable, a true professional and gift to the horse world."

Greg Caldwell - G Bar Services